View from back door.
View from the living room doorway.
View from edge of the dining room.
View of stove area. Counter to the left of the stove is ceramic tile, allowing for placement of hot pans. (Cabinet doors opened to show efficient use of ‘dead space’.)
Narrow space to the left of refrigerator turned into easy access pantry.
Space behind coffee bar turned into easy access storage of larger items. (Space currently holds card table, four folding chairs, two folding tray tables, to table leaves, as well as protective pads for dining room table.)
Space at end of peninsula turned into food packaging supply area.
Extensive drawer storage area that makes use of large dead zone behind and under kitchen sink. Each drawer custom sized. Upper left drawer being the shortest, because it backs into the edge of the sink wall. While bottom right drawer is 3 feet deep,
Custom Kitchen Design & Build

This was a little personal project I did for my parents.

They wanted a more efficient in modern kitchen in their 1950s era home, but with a very small budget.

The small space, as well as passageways at opposite corners of the room, made this an enjoyable challenge.

A complete kitchen gut and redesign. Creating a new and much more efficient layout that utilizes every available nook and cranny to increase storage.

Includes custom made cabinets we made on site.

Freelance, Full-time
Jim Henceroth
Product and CAD Designer at I4Design Ravenna, OH