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BUDWAISER - Poolball

Poolball for Budweiser's BTL action for the Argentinian market, introducing a new game: to play soccer on an oversized pool table, combinating their rules and allowing sport, night, fun and beer to get along.

Client: Anheuser-Busch
Product: Budweiser
Agency: Ogilvy
Production Company: CCU
Director: Gastón Bigio
Title: Poolball
Market: Argentina

In Argentina, the popular sport par excellence is soccer and the popular drink par excellence is beer. Budweiser wanted to combine both at a night in a bar, and invented a new sport: Poolball. As its name suggest, this game is a combination of pool and soccer. The field is an oversized pool table but soccer’s balls and rules are also on it. For example, you must kick the white ball for hit the others. At the same time, there are not goals, there are holes. Besides, the table includes a freezer for keep your drink cold while you are playing. Then, you can take a Budweiser beer to celebrate your achievements.

Made in Sodapasta to Ogilvy

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Carolina Torres
Industrial Design Auckland, New Zealand