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Manulife Financial - This piece is made with granite and mirrors. The back of the centre piece (with the deal details) has a mirror on the back of each side and the supporting structure is faced with glass. The back of the centre structure also has a reversed Manulife Financial logo colour etched into each side to achieve the perpetual effect seen.
EOG Resources - This piece is made entirely of acrylic with the sides "inserted" into the centre supporting structure. To mimic the logo, the structure is actually hollow through the centre when turned to the side. All of the information has been colour etched onto the outer surface.
Yellow Pages Group - This pyramid style piece was designed to commemorate three of the company's most recent deals. Two sides are made of a dark yellow acrylic with the third as a clear acrylic panel. Each side has the information and logo colour etched on the outer surface. There is also an acetate of the map of Canada floating in the centre of the pyramid structure. This all sits on a solid black granite base with the text colour etched.
West Fraser Timber - This piece is made almost entirely of wood. It is a four sided structure with the top cut off to show the engraved West Fraser Timber logo. Each side has the deal details burned into the wood except the one with the metal surface.
Masonite International Corporation - Fully modeled and hinged Masonite styled doors that open to reveal the Canadian & American transaction details.

Material could be completely carved lucite or a combination of a lucite base with the doors made of painted/stained wood, steel, possibly fiberglass.

Size would be approximately 8in wide x 8in high x 3in deep (depending on the suppliers capabilities).
3D Structure Designs
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Jennifer Brown
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