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Aqiva milk dealer's kit
Insular Life Mobile Medical Unit Design
Insular Life Mobile Medical Unit
SOC Bags 2011 Brochure
News Center set design for gma 7 - sketched and rendered using adobe photoshop cs4
GMA 7 proposed election center - Overall design with detail features on various panels.
Banco Filipino cash card design - A play on filipino visual elements with combined use of vectors and images
ATM card design - Use of Philippine flag as visual element with an aim to come up with an elegant atm card design
Another study of an ATM card design - A play on Banco Filipino's key color combined with ethnic visual elements
Study for an ATM card
ATM card design - A gold variation of the ATM card design
FedEx event banners - my contribution to FedEx's noble event every year
FedEx event banners - "FedEx delivers Hope" is a yearly event wherein volunteers from the company engage in various charitable activities with kids in different orphanages
Below the lines
Jerico Christian Gantioqui
Art Director Metro Manila, Philippines