Exhibit - Lech, Poland, and the Fall of Communism

This exhibit was designed for a space not originally planned for exhibits. As a result, we were limited to one case of artifacts, and flat graphics printed on phototex (like fathead).

Our exhibit team, which was made up of myself, a historian, and a translator, were able to successfully produce this exhibit in two weeks. Nonetheless, President Lech Walesa came to see the exhibit himself, and even signed it.

As for the design, I tried to simulate the rawness and grit of 1980s Eastern Europe with its graffiti-laden brick walls.

Each year the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation presents the Lincoln Leadership Prize to a deserving, Lincolnesque recipient, and in 2011, that recipient was His Excellency Lech Walesa, former president of the Republic of Poland.

The exhibit had a few hurdles--we had to get images from the Polish Press Association, and between the language barrier and time difference, this proved to be a feat in itself.

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Katie Grant
Graphic designer Riverton, IL