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Your Highness - My one and only :)
My Beloved Race-Queen - Digitally painted from head to toes using Photoshop CS.

This 'babe' was initially meant for a freelance project but was later found to be irrelevant.

She was later converted to a 'Race Queen' which I have intention of promoting for Epson for a contest held by them in year 2004. However, my worries of infringement made me use an imaginary brand instead.

Was later sent to ballistic publishing and was shortlisted for EXPOSE4 but oh well... :/ "Better luck next time!"
ORCganic - This is a splash screen commission by Anglar, 2010, for an educational game called ORCganic.
Granado Espada Fan Art - "Adelina the Pirate" - This is one character that I fancy alot in the above mentioned game that I decided to paint her. I do not own character design to this character but I found my own references to her face and hair and costume materials.
Brother Printer - Commercial commissioned by Momentum.
Hard-Surface Models for TVCs - Samples of works done for Toshiba and Dopod.
Compilation of 3D models from 2005 to 2007
The Flame Dragon Heroes - Media - Pencils, Rubbers and Wood(replace nibs and shaders).

Well, obviously they were heroes of a certain game I have played. Thus I have no rights to claim any credits for the designing of the characters.

However, the facial expressions, looks and postures were my own inventions. This work was done over years(started about year 1995 and ended almost in 2000). Some of the character suffers 'plastic surgery' over the years as my drawing skills improved.
Kuodo Cheok
CG Artist - 3D Technical Animator Singapore, Singapore