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Tiger (Sold)
Running at Sunset (Sold)
Southern Magnolia (Sold)
toomer's drugs (Sold)
the bike shop (Sold)
toomer's corner (Sold)
Blue Js (not for sale)
Cardinal (Sold)
tiger cub (Sold)
koi pond (Sold)
yellowhammer painting (Sold)
poppies (Sold)
cypress swamp (Sold)
egret painting (Sold)
red daisy painting (Sold)
hydrangea painting (Sold)
Samford Hall at Night (Not for Sale)
Tech Tower (not for sale) - Original work
Popcat (not for sale) - original work
eagle pumpkin carving
Aubie (Auburn's Mascot) pumpkin carving
Paintings and Sketches
Lauren Duke
MBA | Industrial & Graphic Designer Auburn, AL