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STARTING at VERSION 1. The new GSX 300R... Please see the next Illustration...

(See Next Version 2)
UPDATE VERSION 2. Revised nose fairing, mirror and rear indicator... thanks for the feedback...

(See Next Version 3)
UPDATE VERSION 3... Handle bars a little more racy, black swinging arm and exhausts and riders foot mounts are alloy. A little less blue was asked for and I introduced a bit more colour over the side of the bike. Thanks for the feedback

(See Next and the Final Version 4)
FINAL UPDATE VERSION 4. I was asked to put a little white into it to represent the GSXR traditional heritage...
Thank You.
If Suzuki could make it a little different and stand out I'm sure in this particular class it would appeal...
"Thank You" for viewing if anyone wishes to tell me your thoughts (including Suzuki) I would be happy to hear it...
GSXR 300


“Last In First Out”, well in showroom sales terms let's hope so, Suzuki would be the last to arrive at the 300cc new entry party, so to make a good impression and steel the potential bike buying customers it has to different. Style: Although Yamaha and Kawasaki have opted for an aggressive and sport orientation I believe a multi-purpose all-rounder element should be retained and kept in mind to. The appeal needs to be directed across the board and a thought shared in considering the lady riders (a growing market). I kept it in the Suzuki vain and incorporated my version of their over the top big SUZUKI stamped over the side of the fairing that looks to feature on next year’s bigger GSXR range. I kept mainly to the Suzuki blue (as you would with budgets) but introduced a couple extra blue shades and coloured highlights, with new swooping 2-2 exhausts I loosely borrowed and from my own GSX 800R makeover I curved and coloured them before changing the ends...

Lee Thompson
Independent Graphic Design Professional Town Centre, United Kingdom