"Genome"(c) - on BLACK - Yoga Pant for Women - Cluster of radicals, molecules, ribbons + lingo on the front. Yes, your DNA can handle a little sweat. Cotton/spandex flared yoga pant. See what's available at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"EngineerSpeak"(c) Scrub Top + "Engineering Symbols"(c) Scrub Pant Unisex - Microfiber, soft and weightless classic scrub top with large lingo in fonts selected to match word definitions. Also in colors for men. The pant with CAD symbols from mechanical, electrical, hydraulic engineering, in 100% woven cotton. Also requested in long sleeves in cotton knit and flannel for pajamas. GET OUR Ts at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"Genome"(c) - Get your genes working. Your code can handle it. Different designs front and back on a Bella(R) cotton/spandex yoga top with shelf bra. See our Ts available now at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"I am synthesizing proteins right now."(c) - Protein synthesis occurs constantly during, and after, exercise. One early company supporter, and strappingly handsome college guy, told me he'd wear the yoga top, even too small, to the gym as it would drive the girls crazy. An application for this design that I'd never have considered.
"R U Thnkng?"(c) - Scrub Cap Unisex - The top 20 equations voted by physicists worldwide as the most important of the 20th century, including 1+1=2. Lined and in soft, weightless microfiber. GET OUR Ts at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"R U Thnkng? Does It Show?"(c) - Message on back just below waistband. Universal reminder to walk the talk. "Knowledge is My Style"(tm) runs down the flared leg. Cotton/spandex yoga pant. www.ThinkerClothing.com
"Thinking ..."(c) - Thinker Clothing(tm)'s iconic brains in colors. Think Smart, Daily, Critically, Positively ... and stretch. Logo on back. Cotton/spandex Bella(R) yoga top with shelf bra. www.ThinkerClothing.com
Thinker Collection Yoga & Scrubs

Spaghetti strap tops, exercise pants, scrub tops and hats -- great also as virtual goods!

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