"Androgynous"(c) - FAVORITED at DeviantART.com. Images of a male and a female -- but which is which? The masculine, feminine ... the characteristics of both, the specificity of neither ... the abiguity of some people's sexual identity. Androgynous dates to 1651 from the Latin androgynus hermaphrodite and the Greek androgynos. We're human first. For sale as art to 36" and on printed products at http://LisaCClark.DeviantART.com. (c) 2010 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Cheaters Cheat"(c) - Research shows that cheating in one area tends to bleed over into others, whether it be games, school, business, sport or relationships -- any kind of environment perceived as competitive. It's a function of in which direction a person's moral compass points. And is a choice. Where do you put your stake in the ground? Fastest to the lead of human behavior Ts in Coroflot viewership. Fascinating.
"Mileage"(c) - Road warriors. The 1M Mile Club. Perpetual motion jockeys (or junkies?). Deal chasers. Admirals/Red Carpet regulars. Those who memorize seating configs and know every charming utterance to gain that coveted upgrade. Frequent flier miles double-edged sword: Joy and aging factor! GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com. (c) 2010 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"100% Alive Alert and Aware"(c) - Some are taught to never look strangers in the eye when walking in a big city -- to mind their own business, keep their head down and keep going to avoid attention. Others are taught just the opposite -- to notice eyes, hair, expressions, clothing, body type, stride, language/voice tone. People often think others don't really see them. Are they wrong? Knowledge is power. GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"A Day in the Life of a Narcissist"(c) - I was inspired to this by a scene from "Dave" where Jay Leno talks about President Mitchell having a tough day waking up, breaking the law, pardoning himself .... A narcissist almost needs a day planner to keep it all straight. And no, none of these activities are made up. It's all real behavior. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"A Remote for Life"(c) - Ah, the wish for a universal remote to whatever comes in the game of life: Coworkers, crime, disability, transportation loss, un/marriage, religious/political beliefs, natural disasters, children, $ +/-, jobs, holidays, friends, legal stuff, moving. (c) 2008 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Cash Makes No Enemies"(c) - Symbols of the world's currencies, including Azerbaijani New Manat, Bulgarian Leva, Brazilian Reais, Aruban Guilder, Afghani, Costa Rican Colon, Estonian Krooni, Guatemalan Quetzales, Kyrgyzstan Soms, Liechtenstein Switzerland Francs, Macedonian Denars et al. GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com. (c) 2008 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Living a Non-Linear Lifestyle"(c) - Leaders of disruptive innovators from Skype (Niklas Zennstrom), Mozilla (Mitchell Baker) and Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales) recently discussed this very topic at Digital Life, Design 2010. See their exciting FORA.tv panel at: http://fora.tv/2010/01/24/Digital_Life_Design_2010_Disruptive GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com. (c) 2010 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Cerebral or Somatic?"(c) - Focus on pursuits/development of the mind v. of the body. Most live with a healthy balance between the two for the good of the Whole Human. People with certain types of personality wiring focus predominantly -- and often in the extreme -- on one or the other of these, oscillating based on the attention/adulation each garners. Asking, "Where do your priorities lie?" right up front saves guesswork initially, and headache downstream. GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"Estro-Gen"(c) - Global estrogen generation: Female heads of state in 2009 with country abbreviations, estrogen molecules and female symbols. Part of the problem is that many (in the U.S.A.) don't realize there are so many .... (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Materially Advantaged. Attention Deprived."(c) - Got stuff? Got a LOT of stuff? Know what/where your stuff is? Used/valued it recently? In some US areas the drive for stuff and physical presentation is especially, well, all-consuming. One metro newspaper highlighted stiff competition at a high school graduation party: Size of one limo v. another, # of hot air balloons rented, # of hundreds of party guests. While the local economy tanked and folks lost homes .... When the dust settles, is stuff a sustaining substitute for caring?
"Let's Play 'No Contact'"(c) - Sometimes No Contact is the only thing that works when relationships go severely awry -- and it's recommended as the healthy choice. Sometimes time becomes a great friend to those with the energy and fortitude to wait. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Lift Arm Make Muscle"(c) - Truth takes work, courage, muscle, resiliency, fortitude -- the ability to carry a sword and shield and use them wisely, to take the slings and barbs, and still to forge on. All fundamental elements of real character. The Romans said "Strength and honor" for a reason. GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com. (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"M-B"(c) - 16 personality type indicators created during WWII based on the theories of Carl Jung from 1921 including four dichotomies: Attitudes of Introversion v. Extroversion, functions of Sensing/Intuition and Thinking/Feeling, and lifestyle of Judging/Perception. I wear this design while traveling, and it's an incredible conversation starter -- especially with road warriors in airports, most of whom have taken the test for management. GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"Journey from Pain to Insight"(c) - "Noxious stimulus" just about says it all. Thank you Meriam Webster. They knew a thing or two about pain in the 1300s. Evasive action at a subconscious, instinctive level. Inner nature, intuitive, discerning .... Insight, for many, only comes from the journey through the dark tunnel out the other side. Living both sides? Transformative. Interesting that both words came to the fore in a dark time in human history .... Bon courage for your own journey.
"Narcissist's Book of Etiquette"(c) - Of the different types of Ns, this one might be called "charismatic": One who beneficently enlightens those unfortunates about their magnificence. After all, severely over-developed sense of Self doesn't have to be impolite .... (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"NPD as Jekyll & Hyde"(c) - Have a friend/family member who knows a "Jekyll & Hyde" who flips a quick switch on their behavior? Kind, funny, vivacious when performing anywhere, yet quite strongly the opposite in private or with intimates? Malignant narcissists wear masks, showing a False Self to the world and hiding their ugly True Self. False Self masks usually slip in front of those who know Ns well, revealing alarming changes. Ever talked with someone about the masks they wear? Do they squirm?
"Truth or Consequences"(c) - A terrific game show in its time. Through time, the importance of the impact of truth v. consequences has fallen from its prior position to taking a different place in current U.S. society. Didn't we used to learn that consequences for lying and behavior are a fact, often not pretty, but with definite impact? Are they now a joke to be drowned out by the next, better truth?
"NPD Twisted, Not Insane"(c) - Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a psychological diagnosis which usually includes a bloated sense of entitlement, lack of compassion and empathy, hyper-selfishness, personal boundaries problems, proclivity towards excessive lying, defiance of laws/rules/agreements. Behaviors are a coping mechanism by choice, not accident or innocence. A neuroscientific, physiological difference in cranial wiring, combined with lack of ego separation as toddlers and trauma, can create such disorders.
"Odd and Proud of It"(c) - FAVORITED on 15M member DeviantART.com e-commerce site. How many names does being "different" have, that span the gamut of human assessment? How many innovators, true leaders and people of great fortune can, and should, wear this as accurate descriptors? Some large percentage of the world's population ... and likely folks right on your street. If yes, the upside may be: Aren't you lucky. GET IT NOW on men's and women's Ts at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"Squawk, Strut, Pose"(c) - What are the meanings, pros and cons of behaving like a human peacock? (c) 2010 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"WANTED: inexpensive, close-to-home diversion."(c) - Economic Downturn Survival Attitude Adjustment: What used to be enough, home on the ranch/farm/split-level? Simple pleasures: Hula hoops, hopscotch, roller skating. Cheap, out the front door and fun. This is what billions of people worldwide are thinking/wishing for. If you ask, folks will have great ideas. Our parents and grandparents knew a thing or two about the really good stuff. Moved up quickly in Coroflot viewership as the economy has improved.
"Think Globally"(c) - "Think" in 29 languages. For global citizens who'll be players on the global stage. See "Think Globally"(c) also in "Thinker School and Office Supplies". GET IT NOW at www.ThinkerClothing.com.
"Trusting My Gut"(c) - Learning to trust our gut is about learning to trust our judgment, thinking and perception for our own safety and well being. Our bodies talk to us, in very important ways, waving flags we should notice. Pay attention to that nervous tick in company, stomach churn to get away, or hesitation to sign the deal. Do the experiment. Take a count and keep track. How many times has your gut been right on? Have you ignored it? Your gut is watching out for you. Say so!
"White Matter v. Grey Matter"(c) - Neuroscientific studies show a correlation between the amount of grey v. white matter in the pre-frontal cortex indicating a predilection toward ... criminal behavior. Had your pre-frontal measured lately? If we're known by the company we keep, do you really know your company? (c) 2009 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
"Portion Controlled"(c) - #1/oft-repeated advice for those trying to get healthy, shed pounds, build strength: Control portion size and amount of food intake. NOTE: I designed this without knowing about the new nutrition plate which is replacing the food pyramid .... (c) 2011 Textiles for Thinkers, LLC All Rights Reserved.
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