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How to create a space from the light? That at the same time interacts with people? Where people could express themselves through it? Connect? Communicate? And which plays a role both day and night and serves as a mechanism of interaction with the environment?
Using a wall of light 14.9 meters long and 3.15 high which will be consisting of 20 cm x20 cm modules which will contain randomly a switch BJC Iris.
Will be associated with another module of the same dimensions which will emit light of the same color as its associated switch.
All modules containing switches will be practicable and those containing light will be translucent. The color of the aforementioned will cover the full range of colors of BJC Iris and will be associated to an opaque switch module of the same color.
So it creates a changing space, expressive, rich and creative at the same time that serves as social and interaction space.

Lucía ...
Architect-Designer Pamplona, Spain