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Eestairs Competition (latest proyect!)

I start from the idea of ??creating a staircase away from conventional methods of construction, giving a new life to other materials. Something suggestive relatively simple and unusual.

The project is composed of a sail braced by four rope lines.
Those four ropes pass through successive pulleys from the first to the last step that compose the stair. There is another set of pulleys conncted to two rails that are embedded in the ceiling. Those rails give freedom to create the shape of the staircase, so from a start point design we can create different shapes on the stairs.

Concepts that add value to the project:

Sustainable and environmentally friendly: Consisting of natural materials
Recycled and recyclable
Easy transportation and distribution
Versatility: It has the ability from one design take different forms. depending on the space to fill.
Production: Cheap materials and relatively easy to obtain.
Create social awareness

Lucía ...
Architect-Designer Pamplona, Spain