6th Annual Lambda Week Poster - In its six year Lambda Week, is a week of cultural, educational, and social programming. In celebration of the organization, the design was to build brand identity, and market the event. The images chosen were done to reflect current members, represent brotherhood, and the unity through relationships the organization has established within the UMass community. The logo is the center piece for the poster that ties everything together. Created in Photoshop, and InDesign.
Designed Informational flyer for recruitment efforts, and to help build brand identity for organization. Flyer was used as catalyst to increase membership by 75%. This was also essential step for organization to establish chapter status, at the University of Massachusetts, at Amherst. Illustration used was to identify Latino's being a mix of cultures, and promote diversity through its recruitment efforts. Flyer designed in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
Red Light Special Poster - Poster design for LUL AB chapter social program. Created original art, photography, and design. I took lead in art direction, branding, graphics, marketing, and design for poster. Poster prompted marketing to exceeded goals, a turnout of over 300 people in attendance. Successful marketing of event spear headed an increase in revenue to organization by 300%, and was the largest single revenue grossing event on the year. Design done in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
LUL AB Chapter Brochure - Designed AB Chapter brochure. Led Art direction, and created original graphics. Brochure used as branding and informative marketing tool. First AB chapter brochure. Size 8.5x11, brochure designed in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
La Fiesta Del Cuco Flyer - Designed flyer and led art direction for La Fiesta Del Cuco flyer. This was a three group collaborative event. This was a social and charitable event for hurricane victims in the Dominican Republic. The goal of the design was to tie in a Halloween theme, and cater to a younger audience. The flyer helped to generate over 200 people to attend the event, and exceed its goal of revenue by 200%. Flyer was designed with the use of Photoshop, and PageMaker.
Panel Discussion On Racism Flyer - I lead Art Direction, and Design for flyer. Flyer helped build brand for new organization, and market first educational program. Flyer prompted article in the Daily Collegian, the University Newspaper, at the University of Massachusetts, at Amherst. The article helped bring attention to event. The flyer prompted a turn out of over 100 people. Flyer created in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
Puerto Rican Heritage Week Poster - Poster design for Boricuas Unidos, Puerto Rican Heritage Week. I took lead art direction, design, marketing, branding, and created original artwork. Flyer sparked a marketing campaign that lead to a successful turnout, for a week long of events. One of many highlights being bringing a former Young Lord member to speak at UMass Amherst Campus. Design created using Photoshop, and QuarkXPress.
Puerto Rican Heritage Week Poster - Poster design for Boricuas Unidos. Took full art direction, and design for poster. Goal of design was to tie in Puerto Rican Culture. Design of flyer initiated, and helped generate a successful turnout for all events. Design done in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
Designed flyer for LUL interest group, at the University of Massachusetts, at Amherst. This helped to market, and increases the interest group by 300%. One of my very first flyers I designed, and first flyer I designed for LUL. Flyer was designed in Photoshop, and PageMaker.
Print- School Work
Merlin Calo
CEO at Boston DesignHub Boston, MA