Ultraoptix Website - Redesigned Ultraoptix website by creating a mock up for client. This is an e-commerce site that needed a face lift. So the intention here was to give the site a new look that was more aesthetically appealing to the eye, yet allowed it to be SEO friendly. As a result this would allow more traffic, and drive in more business to the site. A maroon color was chosen to give a sense of professionalism, and use of white space was also an important piece. Site created in Photoshop.
Susan Jabalon's Website - Increased traffic to site by working on SEO for Susan Jabalon Tile Mosaics website. Volunteered at Design Studio, Positronic Designs, and collaborated with design team. By making the site more searchable for the internet, and keeping the site dynamic, led to an increase in traffic to site. As result this brought in more revenue through company web site. SEO and updates to site were done using Joomla.
Motherwear International Website - As an Assistant Web Designer I kept site dynamic for maternity clothing line company. By collaborating with lead Web Designer I maintained a library of pictures for website, resized images, uploaded content, and uploaded images to site. As result this increased revenue for the quarter by keeping website, and promotions current. Site was made searchable for internet to increase traffic by including, and updating necessary content. Design work done in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Fireworks.
North Star Center Website - Designed mock up for North Star Center website. North Star Center is an academic support program, geared towards ALANA students, at Rochester Institute of Technology. The focus of the center is on recruitment, and retention of ALANA student, at RIT. The purpose here was to give the site a new look, build brand identity of the center with a new online presence, and include useful content that can be a resource to students. Design created in Photoshop.
Web Design- Professional Work
Merlin Calo
CEO at Boston DesignHub Boston, MA