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The watch even from early on took inspiration from the Marc Jacobs blush compact in their new beauty line designed by Marc Jacobs himself.
The pebble profile is a fun feminine take on the classic cushion case form.
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Marc Jacobs Mandy

Taking influence from the Marc Jacobs blush compact that I would use as a base to further
exploration into. I was asked to explore iterations for overall case form, lugs, bracelet links and dials. While some parts and pieces I designed were not used we had taken several of these early forms into solidworks to later incorporate 3D printing into our process. The 3D printing helped reduce cost for handmade samples from our vendors by seeing them sooner.

While not foreign to me this was a new time for Fossil Group as they took to utilizing 3D in their design process. This was the start of my experimentation into what was possible with
the printer we used and later served as a basis for a 3D standard that we would have within the brand.

Emma Hover
Industrial Designer Greenville, SC