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Marc Jacobs Riley Hybrid

I had taken the case and strap into Solidworks and with the use of Keyshot and Photoshop we had gone through over 50 renderings. During that time, I had toyed with anodized aluminum colors. This was a good solution for both weight and a unique case design to work with nylon. 4 out of the +50 (pictured) eventually made their way to market with slight adjustments.

One of these adjustments was to the readability of the subdisk. I had gone through several iterations (pictured) and worked out the best system that could give you what you want to know at a glance.

Highlights from this project include being the first Marc Jacobs watch to be sold through Target. An Instagram and Marc Jacobs official website takeover. Then during the Fall 18 fashion show our Hybrid watches went down the runway on 4 models for the first time in over 5 years. A personal highlight was walking the new watch through all of the new certification and testing.

Emma Hover
Industrial Designer Greenville, SC