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I was asked to step in on a project for DKNY for a few days and help design the chain and interaction of a chain with a cushion case. These drawings were handed off to the DKNY team shortly after to 3D model / 3D print
While working on the off road go cart design, I dreamt up a new type of vehicle made for a race track. Inspired by the video game Kinetica this vehicle lays you on the ground head first to give a sense of speed and thrill even at low speeds. This is a single page of ink on paper as I work through the basic concept from inception. (Designed in Spring 2010)
Beryl v2 - Progress shots of the 2nd version of this concept with a more exposed cockpit. Front corner perspective (modeled in rhino 4.0)
This is a page of my sketching for fun. No color was added, just a simple papermate pen and paper. I was exploring the style of sketching over sketches in a cluster.
I was tasked with creating a uniquely stylish body for an off road go cart. Started in rhino and after many iterations of varied lengths we decided on this size for an entry level design. The focus was to market a Kart-Cross type vehicle in the U.S. Market. This vehicle would feature large wheels and bigger power laid down with the use of a CVT transmission. A 90% Male was modeled inside the vehicle and given ample headroom for a helmet to be added.
Wooden panels were placed in areas that needed additional protection. The wheels and the frame were laid out in their correct proportion. (10% female inside the kart)
This is the model in its form before interest for the project ran out.
While looking at my wake board one day I wondered about how the ergonomics of ingress and egress of a binding could be improved upon. This is the single page I explored the idea further.
Graphic Design on promo poster for local roller derby team.
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Misc. Work

This is where you can view some of my design/conceptual between college graduation and my first ID job. I've also included some sketches that are a bit more recent.

Emma Hover
Industrial Designer Greenville, SC