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Aircraft Concept developed with Charles Bombardier from Imaginactive for NGAP Program from ICAO. "The Electroship looks like a modified version of the Antares regional aircraft concept. It uses a lower flying and it’s equipped with electric motors. The Electroship would only fly cargo and it would have enough batteries to fly without connection [to the power lines] for 20 minutes. Because it uses power lines or rail lines, it would already be flying in protected space. Because it flies, it means there can be several one of them overlapping each other. Even in the cities, smaller versions could use the tramway infrastructure to fly packages with drones." Charles Bombardier http://imaginactive.org/2018/12/electroship/

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Martín Rico
ICAO Conceptual Designer / Industrial Design Consultant at Imaginactive Buenos Aires, Argentina