Refresh illustration for packaging of this classic action game. Maintaining 'old school' approach of previous art while updating character and action presence
Vector refresh of legacy brand art and updated use of brand character in new use for awards
Label art for kid's sanitizer gel, 2020
Packaging design and direction for new, exclusive to amazon product line unique to corporate portoflio
New additions to brand on amazon - self sustaining brand template providing ease of use for years
Licensed books for warehouse club channel. Product and packaging composed from style guid assets
Packaging for proprietary developmental book and soft 'cards' on a loop. Warehouse club channel
Licensed property package (front) - Fisher-Price. Style guide driven product & packaging
Hang Tag - Informational tag added to 90% of product on shelf. Edit and redesign of original, increasing visual impact and improving communications with revised text.
Mass market and warehouse club channel package and merchandising bins
Refreshed brand style guide allowing 'classic' brand elements to adapt to a wide range of licensed and proprietary use cases.
Phalate free pvc bags with soft handle, piping & velcro closure & brand hang tag. Card stock insert wrapping front to back.
Adaptive branding for proprietary
Corporate ID and Branding for diversified Real Estate and Property Management Gp View PDF
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Branding adapted to signage for Real Estate & Property Management Group
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Small business graphic design - Logo, business card and stationary layouts

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Concept development - humorous business card series
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Graphic Design - Packaging & Logos

Brand development, graphic design & packaging for toy & other industries

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Mary Lenehan
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