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Sonobuoy UAV Design and Build - This was a group project that was the capstone design experience of my aerospace engineering program. In the fall of 2004, I and eight other engineering students selected the challenging task of designing a UAV that could be deployed from a P3 aircraft standard tube, then deploy and fly around for a required time and range. In the spring I then worked as the responsible engineer with four of the group members to build an RC plane to verify the aerodynamics of the design.
Works of Art - Here is a collection of my works which demonstrate some of the range of my interests, abilities, and potential value to your company. I have won awards for my drawings, photography, and raytraced art. I am just as comfortable with traditional media as I am with new media. I work hard to find creative and innovative solutions in every project I work on, even the task of compiling an online portfolio.
Pipestone Trilobite Pendant - I offered to create for my father a pipestone pendant in the form of a trilobite for christmas, since he likes trilobite fossils so much. I researched their anatomy and studied their structure. I created a new species that would lend itself well to sculpture in pipestone, a relatively soft stone. I started it at my desk, and completed it while on a vacation out west. He is very pleased with it and wears it often.
Thank You! - I wanted to create a thank you letter for friends and family who had sent me graduation gifts, and I also wanted to become more proficient with SolidWorks. I decided to kill two flies with one stone, and this is the result. I used a theme that matched each letter and also allowed me to explore different features of the program. I turned what could have been a tiresome task into a fun experience that produced wonderful results. Thank You for considering me as a candidate for your next hire.
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Portfolio through 2006
Ben Scheele
Design Engineer at Joy Global via Core Consulting Milwaukee, WI