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Car for the Fields

Did some enjoyable work on a car for Bob and Rob Fields! These men are incredible. Bob has been working on/with/in race cars for 50 years I think, and holds the honor of buying, race-ifying and then selling the winningest Alpha Romeo of all time. He walks in to my office with a massive pile of hand drawn blue prints and section views of this car and informs me that he has designed it all, it just needs to be put into CAD. Which is what I did. I took a few liberties to justify a few things, match all the drawings up and insert some design input where I felt right, but this thing really was all figured out on paper. Incredible.
I left the project after only putting a few hours in based on a payment discrepancy, but since then Bob has charged forward making a hand formed buck without any of my CAD for reference. It looks great. Maybe I will be that cool someday!!
I have learned a massive amount from them and especially aerodynamics from Rob and highly appreciate it

Michael David Young
Freelance Industrial and Automotive Designer Columbus, OH