Greetings: 2015 Professional, Over several years of organizational objectives as well as demands in design, communication, brand management along with sales has giving me a sense of quality, which sets the stage for long-term success. I am constantly learning new ways to maximize the understanding of each outlet which in essence is a component of a broader strategy for longevity, growth and Gains. My Strengths as a liaison allows me to focus on Clients, Consumers and Corporations needs and wants. In time I have developed the skills that are particularly effective in satisfying consumers which increases their brand experience. It would be a pleasure for the opportunity to discuss what I could contribute to your organization. I would greatly appreciate the chance to further discuss my qualifications with you. Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward to your reply. Respectively, Perry L. Bagwell JR email : PBagwelljr@me.com : (202) 210-4479



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