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Kids of the Office was my teams ambitious final year project for our Bachelor of Games Design. Featuring 4 player split-screen action, a random tier based crafting system and dynamic UI, development towards this final product was the most impactful learning experience towards my education in games.
As the first thing players see our menu had to match the quality of our gameplay so we implemented tracked camera movements and juicy world-space UI animations to make it really come to life alongside all the necessary features of map/player count selection, a how to play guide and music swapping.
Here you can explore a screenshot from our 4-player gameplay featuring each players unique UI and crafted weapons. From left to right players have their health bars, utility weapon, crafting indicator (D-pad), equipped weapon, ammo count and finally their supply count.
A Kids of the Office project exe is available to download from Gdrive using the 'View Website' link below.
This screenshot showcases player 3 eliminating player 4 and being rewarded 1 point in their top right UI box. This UI gets its colour from the colour players choose in the starting menu scene.
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Kids of the Office

Kids of the Office is a split-screen party shooter with an emphasis on crafting and fun. Players take on the role of children and then scrounge through an office setting for supplies. Weapons are made from this supply based crafting system, providing slapstick armaments in a humorous attempt for power. With gameplay structured in a free-for-all arena and close quarters encounters it never shies away from it's fast-paced shooter action.

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