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Happy led life

Paint your light
For expression of this idea that’s enough to remember photography at night technique with low Shatter speed, by means of which you can change the lights with natural speed in to master works through decreasing the Shatter speed. Now in this design, this technique is used for inner space with inverting the parameters. In other words, this time light intake factor which is viewer's eye, has received the light with normal speed, but the speed of light increases and causes appearing attractive and exciting displays in inner space.
In this design LED is placed at the tip of the body and moving of the arm in the joint of robot is possible through two high speed motors along X and Y.
Definition of ideal display for lighting is done through input USB on body to machines brain which is defined as two dimensional maps and colors.
Feasibility of providing extreme variety in beaming.
Usable in advertisements.
Attractiveness of fast moving of colors and lines.

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Majeed Dolatkhahi
Transportation designer Wixom, MI