Live painting I did in tribute to BB King at the Colorado Springs Blues Under The Bridge Festival.
Flip flop design from my water color piece.
Mesage In A Bottle - The mysterious message in a bottle is a new concept of mine. Could it be the possible key to the survival of the ocean world? could it be the mystical words needed to be spoken to save the divers soul and rescue him from the wrath of the vampire mermaids? The mystery is left to the viewer to guess and wander and dream about......Medium:water color, pen and ink, graphite
water color painting
Water color
Dead Sea - Acrylic and ink on panel
Acrylic pen and ink. Piece for 2013 Artist Battle in Denver CO.
Acrylic on panel....SOLD
Acrylics on found object
Currently showing at Gold Hill Mesa in CO. Springs CO. in their current exhibit.
Water Color pen and ink....SOLD
Spray paint..SOLD
Watercolor Pen and ink....SOLD
Acrylic on canvas paper....SOLD
Acrylics on canvas....SOLD
piece I did for a local charity
SPY VRS SPY tribute piece from start to finish. Follow more of my art on my business/blog page at
Live Paintings/Studio Art
Jantzen Peake
FineArt. Established Art Educator. Muralist.Curator Colorado Springs, CO