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Pagina Collection - paper backpack for Essent'ial

Essent’ial is an Italian company that produces cases, bags, backpacks and much more in a special FSC-certified paper that is resistant, ecological and washable. The idea is to emphasize the material itself, the paper, by applying the typical lines of notebooks. The collection consists of a backpack, notebooks and cases… pages that contain objects, thoughts and signs. Today, FSC-certified paper is one of the most controlled and sustainable materials. Thanks to a special process, the paper used in the collection is resistant and can be washed at 30° with mild soap. It is also possible to personalize the products by writing or drawing on them as we would do on a normal sheet of paper. The Pagina Collection is truly for everyone: for children at school, for adults in the office or in everyday life.

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Paolo Stefano Gentile
Product Designer Milano, Italy