work in progress
XXXVI DG - 36" concept bike

It is not a folding bike, nor is it an electric- or battery-powered bike. It is not iOS-ready. You can't plug your music/phone/camera into it.

This is the XXXVI DG - quite simply, this is a bicycle. Two wheels. Two pedals. One Seat. Inspired by bicycles for bicycle lovers, combining traditional elements and components in an unconventional yet innovative way.

The frame takes its shape from a simple desire for asymmetric aesthetics, while at the same time providing a stable cave-like covering for the wheels and preserving the bicycle's ergonomic features. The 36" wheels are, themselves, blasts from the past, having been commonplace many years ago for their uniquely smooth, relaxed and sturdy rolling, perfect for the everyday cruiser.

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Freelance, Full-time
Paolo De Giusti
Industrial Designer Olevano Romano, Italy