BIM Intelligent CAD 3D 4D 5D Object Model (WIP)

Delivering pilot project to quantify and implement BIM capability within Tube Lines. Currently assembling BIM level 3 models to demonstrate how project stakeholders and supply chain should work using a common data environment, linked to multiple legacy information databases.

Hands on creation of multi-discipline BIM data and reports, BIM standards, implementation and development that aligns with corporate goals

Creating, adding and linking BIM content to company corporate intranet, and demonstrating potential use of QR codes and RFID tagging.

Demonstrating benefits of COBIE, Energy Modeling, and the use of mobile site based BIM links to common data environment using Bentley BIM products on mobile devices such as IPAD’s

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Paul Alexander Brown
MSc BIM CAD CAE VDC Design Manager/Industrial Designer/Engineering Information Manager London. England, United Kingdom