Main Menu for Monkey Feet.
A puzzle I designed for the lightning power-up.
Level designed to introduce the fire power-up.
A puzzle utilizing the water and lightning powers.
A puzzle using all of the banana powers.
The win screen after you defeat the Bowler Hat Monkey.
Monkey Feet

Monkey Feet is a 2D puzzle platformer developed by a team of four for a class at Michigan State University. It is about a Monkey named Feets who got his boots stolen. You must navigate the cave setting to consume magical bananas and gain different abilities. These abilities help you solve different puzzles throughout the cave.

Learned Skills:
- Level design
- Collaboration
- Prototyping
- Feedback incorporation
- Problem solving
- Puzzle design
- Asking for help
- Organization
- Basic C# (can code simple mechanics such as object destruction on collision)

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Raymond Foster
Game Designer and Writer DeWitt, MI