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Asthetix Design Lab (2004)
Simplicity is the key in this design. Black and red colors are used for a minimalist approach along with a modern typeface. The two triangles represent equality, dynamic, and suggest action. Triangles also imply delta or change.
Red represents excitement, energy, desire, speed, strength, power and all things intense and passionate. Black denotes power, sophistication, formality, elegance, and mystery.
Graphics Stream Media Hub (2004)
Two waves flow in a circular motion denote various approaches, infinite possibilities, and endless ways of searching for answers. Orange is used to denote enthusiasm, creativity, and to catch attention. It also suggests strength, endurance and determination. The typeface is sans serif for simplicity and to show accessibility to clients. Blue (cyan) is used for the products or services. It is often associated with depth, stability, tranquility, intelligence and technology.
Limelight Design Bureau #1 (2004)
A serif typeface is used to carry formality and simplicity of the company. The letter "g" is represented graphically. It is represented thru a yellow green filled circle with three shapes stemming from it to convey an idea. The circle balances on a triangle with curves to denote composure and symmetry. Contrast between formality and casual can be seen thru the text and image. Black is added to show formality and to make the "g" standout.
Acenet's Computer Zone (2004)
Conceptualization and design for Acenet's Computer Zone with NetEssentials, Corp.
UP High Alumni 40th Anniversary (2005)
Design for University of the Philippine's High School Alumni 40th Anniversary
G-Spot Logo (2005)
Yummies by Mommies (2008)
Logo for a pastry shop
Headstrong Travel Bugs Logo (2009)
Final Logo for the Headstrong Travel Bugs
Family of Faith's Children of God Summer Camp (2009)
Buffalo Events Group (2011)
The Great 7-Legged Christmas Bar Crawl logo
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Raymond Rubio
Brand/Graphic Designer+Proprietor at Radiant Design Foundry Manila, Philippines