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Sour Soup of Death: Sweaty Feet (2005)
WILE COYOTE's invention (2005)
Gangsta (2005)
Poster #2: Tribute - A Tribute to the Master (2009)
Carton Preso (2009)
Decomposition of a working lego man (2009)
personal illustration reflecting a mundane life
De Leche Para El Cerebro (2009)
A satirical illustration about a special kind of milk
Profile of Cupid's Antithesis (2009)
Fashion Illustration (2009)
Fashion Illustration (2010)
Fashion Illustration (2009)
NYC Traveller (2010)
A collage of my recollection when I visited NYC
Typo Wall (2010)
Process (2010)
All great/beautiful things go through a process. Artists try to sketch/doodle their crazy thoughts on paper as fast as they can so that idea won't fade away. This illustration is my take on how ideas evolve. I just hope that people will be patient and be appreciative on things waiting to evolve.
Sketch Me A Mystic Mountain (2010)
An illustration which I imagined when I was sleeping
Master Exploder: Tribute To Tsai (2010)
A tribute to one of the few great designers I've worked with and who has influenced me intensely to always give your best shot, in this case, design.
Faces of the Tsismoso/-sa (Rumor Mongers)Tandem (2010)
If a rumor monger has a face, it would look like these creatures..
Adiktus Trippus: Steady Ped wallpaper (2010)
Illustration for the wallpaper of Adiktus Trippus blogsite
F.V.D. 2011 (2011)
Anti-valentine's day illustration
Ganbatte, Nippon (2011)
Illustration for a Facebook profile and used for raising positive awareness for Japan's recent bouts with earthquake and tsunami
Decayed Transformation (2012)
Kaiju Daimao (Monster Demon King) (2013)
Sandworm Battle! (2013)
Elvish Presley (2013)
DBZ Villains Poster (2013)
Android OS: Pinoy Style (2013)
Ever wondered if Pinoys/Filipinos were to take control and develop Google's Android OS? What would be the names of each OS version? For sure it would still be delectable as the original Google's Android OS names but more fascinating.
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Personal Illustrations
Raymond Rubio
Brand/Graphic Designer+Proprietor at Radiant Design Foundry Manila, Philippines