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Anthony Quinn as Auda Abu Tayi - Why they made an Irish Mexican into an Arab in "Lawrence of Arabia" is a mystery but it worked. The head scarf is a "ghutra" and double black head rope is the "igal."

Auda Abu Tayi was Shaikh of the Howeitat clan of the Bedouin Arabs.

Pen and ink drawing by Roger Hawkins
Simon Bolivar - Simon Bolivar, the liberator of South America was drawn on the program MacPaint.

At a computer conference in the early eighties the speaker was talking about the evolution of "the mouse" and the man sitting next to me , Bill Gates, mumbled, "sotto voce," "You can't draw with it. I pulled this out of my notebook and slid it in front of him. He thought for a moment, slid the drawing back, and said referring to the mouse, "you can't sign a check with it."

There is no moral to the story.
Legion Etrangere circa 1860 - The French Foreign Legion in Mexico around 1860. Mixed media sketch. Traditional pen and ink with gray tones added via computer.
Mexican farm worker. - After a photo portrait by Ansel Adams. Pencil on paper.

Sketch by Roger Hawkins
Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery - The hero of El Alamein in pen and ink.
1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC
Study of drawing by Leonardo Di Vinci - Copy of one of Leonardo's anatomical sketches.
Sketch after as drawing by Rembrant - Rembrant Harmenszoon Van Rijn's sketches often leave out as much detail as they include. But, when this is done with skill, the viewer's mind fills in the blanks.
Arabian horse show - Arabian horse show at WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ.

Executed in pen and ink plus marker.
Moss Landing Power Plant - This was drawn on location on a hot 4th of July week. There had been some kind of problem at the plant that had released ash that had covered all the boats in the harbor.

Copyright Roger Hawkins
Robert Capa - combat Photographer - founder of Magnum - This sketch of Robert Capa was based on a photo by a fellow combat photographer at a meeting at the headquarters of Magnum, a picture agency that Capa helped found. Capa was instrumental in inventing modern combat photography and his own complex identity. A Hungarian whose real name was Erno Friedman he picked the Hungarian name for shark as his professional identity.

Illustration copyright Roger Hawkins 2010
Thomas Jefferson - Pen, ink, and watercolor sketch of the 3rd US President.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1994
Robert Frost - Poet Laureate - A Soldier
He is that fallen lance that lies as hurled, That lies unlifted now, come dew, come rust, But still lies pointed as it plowed the dust. . . . .

- Robert Frost

Sketch by Roger Hawkins
Thump gunner 101st Airborne - In Vietnam I photographed the 101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles) 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team engaging an enemy unit during operation Lamar Plain. Some soldiers still carried on the WWII tradition of designating the brigades with the suits of playing cards.

This M79 grenadier provided cover as I attacked forward with my camera. This watercolor is a recent exploration of the memory.

Sketch Copyright Roger Hawkins 2009
Cloud and sky mural for grandson's room - So the glowing brush is a little over the top. My daughter asked me to paint a cloud mural for my grandson's room.

I can create virtual models of your spaces and apply artwork so you can preview the outcome before a drop of paint touches a real wall.
Australian drover's hut - A watercolor painting of a reproduction Australian drovers shed at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum near Superior, Arizona.
Copyright Roger Hawkins 2005
Tanks on line in Vietnam - Tank platoon in a fog. brush and ink.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1969
Church Havana Cuba - Marker sketch of an old church in Havana, Cuba.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1985
Spring wild flowers in the desert. - The Sonoran desert in bloom.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 2000
Auyantepui, Venezuela - The American remanent of Gondwanaland, the ancient super continent, lies in the heart of Venezuela.

Watercolor copyright Roger Hawkins 1996
Art Nouveau lamp - Watercolor and pencil rendering of and art nouveau ceiling lamp.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 2003
Marker rendering of stonework - A local fireplace specialist wanted a preview of a fireplace detail to show to a client.
My Venezuelan lawyer - Abogado not avocado. Licenciado Israel Payares. Always keeps me out of trouble on my trips to Venezuela. In Italiano he would be my consigliere. Portrait done in MacPaint.
Copyright Roger Hawkins 1992
Chindit Brigadier in Burma during WWII - Brigadier
the Right Honourable
Sir Bernard Fergusson,
Baron Ballantrae,
American Eagle - Old bird looks serious.

Copyright Roger Hawkins
Rapid sketching on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet
Pencil sketch with a computer remix of French photojournalist Catherine LeRoy, the only woman to have made a combat jump in Vietnam. She died of cancer in Los Angeles in 2008.
Member of the Legion Espanola or as they refer to themselves "Los novios de la muerte" (The bridegrooms of death).
This is a recent digital sketch of a Montagnard tribesman from Vietnam. It is based on combat photography I did as an Army photo officer in 1968. I digitally combined this with an old French map of Vietnam from 1878. I then ran the result through an aging algorithm. No particular reason other than to amuse an old former soldier.
Sonoita, AZ, a census named place too little to be a town, has more horses than people. This equestrian statue at the fairgrounds was one that stood still long enough for me to sketch it on my Samsung tablet.
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A collection of sketches. I feel guilt for not doing a lot more.

Roger Hawkins
Imagineer Sonoita, AZ