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Arizona dust storm - Wind in the Sonoran desert occasionally gets high enough to lift an impenetrable wall of dust off the desert floor. Other signs of trouble are birds flying backwards, the neighbor's patio cover landing on your car, garbage cans sliding down the driveway, barbecues tipping over and your mother-in-law's broom being grounded due to wind conditions. In the worst conditions you can use a Rottweiler for a kite.
Sunset at Playa Medina, Venezuela - Tropical paradise in the day. At night I slept outside covered in insect repellent with lightening and falling coconuts rather than deal with bugs and no ventilation after the generator runs out of fuel and kills the air conditioning. Sleeping in a yacht anchored off shore is ideal if the sea permits.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 1996
Chositas at Playa Medina, Venezuela - Bring a guitar, some Santa Theresa Ron, and a pocket full of Bolivares. Even better, swim out to the yacht that just arrived--crewed by Danish ladies in bikinis--while holding a fresh pineapple above water. Or just stay on the beach with the Venezuelan girls. Tough decisions require tough people.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1996
Red rock spire in Sedona , Arizona - Sedona displays the kind of beauty that put it on many peoples bucket list.
My back yard in Ahwatukee, Arizona - Ahwatukee is a Crow word meaning "village in the next valley." In that sense it is quite accurate. The problem is there are no crow living within 1000 miles (as the crow flies). Some white lady who lived in Wyoming near the crow named the place when she moved to Arizona to speculate on land. In the local Tohono O'Odham language "Ahwatukee" means "place where the dumb white folks paid way to much for stucco huts not well adapted to the desert." OK, I made that last part up.
A beach carpeted with seals in Northern California - I would have had a great photo of an old bull, but he contested ownership of the beach. Weighing in at several tons, I beat a hasty retreat.Still happy with this young aldy singing her heart out.

Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 1992
Where there is smoke there is fire. - Neighbor's house in Ahwatukee, Arizona. The fire is bigger than you think as that column of smoke is 12 miles away in the dry plant chocked bed of the Gila River.

Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins
House on the hill - Moon at sunset in Ahwatukee, Arizona
Clamming in New Jersey - Photographing clammers while taking the motion picture directors course at the Army audio visual officers course at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1968
Pouring steel in California - A small foundry operation South of Los Angeles, California

Copyright Roger Hawkins 1983
Schnebly hill Road to Sedona - Don't take Schnebly Hill Road unless you have checked your brakes. Don't take it if it is raining because you can slide over the side even if you are not moving.

Copyright Roger Hawkins 2008
Sedona Sunrise - A cold winter sunrise in Sedona, Arizona in my bare feet waiting for the perfect light. The red rocks putting on a perfect show.
Red Rocks - Sedona, Arizona - Printed at full resolution, this image would be 3ft high and 24 ft long. If you have ever been to Sedona, you may know the giant Cathedral of the Rocks. In a full size print you can see the cross on the face of the building which is the little light spot on the shadow on the left-most mountain.
Montezuma's Castle - Cliff dwelling of the Sinagua people in central Arizona

Copyright Roger Hawkins 2010
4th of July at Rawhide - Sittin outside enjoying the free show so much more than if we had paid.
A cold morning below Mt Wrightson in Sonoita, Arizona where winter temps of zero degrees F freeze a cup of water in three minutes. If you have ever read Philip Caputo's "The Crossers" this will help you visualize the area. Photo copyright Roger Hawkins 2013.
Sunny, hot Arizona shows its snowy, cold and yet beautiful side on New Year's eve 2013. Photo Copyright Roger Hawkins 2012
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