The Process - Designing technical apparel is an exciting challenge. The level of performance required to support today's athletes is at an all time high. Limits are being pushed beyond comprehension and the gear must address these demands accordingly.

The Operation Expansion methodology thrives on a few basic principles... Integrity, Leadership, Expertise, Discovery and Passion. The goal is to provide clients with a result that is above and beyond that in which our clients previously knew was possible.
concept sketches - The conceptual phase of any project is one of the most exciting and influential moments within the design process. At this stage the possibilities are infinite, and the creative juices are flowing. Generating a variety of ideas stemming from the project brief will undoubtedly expand the scope of a products success. This is the opportunity to explore different features, function and stylization details, ultimately creating the vision that will drive the development & delivery phases.
Brands/Clients - Overview of brands I have designed and/or developed products for.
Overview & Process

Innovative Design and Development solutions for Action and Adventure sports.

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Ryan Sweeney
Ryan Sweeney - Technical Apparel & Product Design | Development... San Diego, CA