Spearo Backpack - In action. Concept born out of the need to organize and carry gear while navigating rocky cliffs. Works great for organizing gear without taking up a lot of deck space while diving from boats as well.
Spearo Backpack - Tech pack
Spearo Backpack
Spearo Backpack - Back
Hawaiian Sling - Evolution Concept - Hawaiian Sling:
Historically a Hawaiian sling has been the most challenging tool created to spear fish with due to the "free shaft" that is easily lost once fired at a fish. This innovation on the traditional design has been modified to accommodate a shooting line which is then connected to a float line so the fish can not swim away with the shaft. This innovation will surely make this a favorite for hole hunting.
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Hali-Hammer - Perfect tool for low visibility rock hunting... especially useful at night during lobster season when the halibut, sculpin and cabezon are just teasing you.
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