"The medevac" - pen on Ivory paper A wounded soldier gets a medevac from a war zone in southern vietnam in 1960. Shells of mortar rounds begins to fall all over the area. The daredevil pilot sits there while the evacuation takes place as sharp metallic mortar clang begiins to hit the Huey.
"Battleship Tirpitz , jetties and the Norwegian fiord" - Pen and ink on ivory paper.
"Wild Creek" after Anton Gutknecht - Pen and Ink on Ivory paper (This is a very beautiful landscape done by one of my most favourite landscape artist Mr. Anton Gutknecht.....Gutknecht was a world famous landscape artist best known for is oil and acrylic landscapes. This is my attempt to create one of his beautiful landscapes in pen and ink)
New Illustrations 2011
Tirtha Bharadwaj
Freelance Artist, Illustrator Guwahati, India