Sunset near Jagiroad, Assam Acrylic on Canson Montval 300 gsm rough 11 X 14 inchs
Plein Air in Basistha, Guwahati Acrylic on canvas panel 16 X 24 inchs
Alla Prima Portrait in Oil (Commission work) 18 inchs X 24 inchs
Forgotten Jolpori (The tale of the forgotten river fairy) Watercolor 13.4 X 10.6 inches
An evening near Jolpori It was magical...the wave of orange washing over the landscape and suddenly the old forgotten boat brightens up. One of the crew decides to call it his home. He is waiting for the rain and he thinks the old girl will once again come alive. I will wait for that day to come. Acrylic 11 X14 inchs
Illuminated Soft Pastels on handmade paper 180 gsm rough. 11 X 14 inchs
Windermere Nabb ferry Wetcanvas reference photo 13.4 X 10.6 inches Watercolor
Local Murgi Watercolor on recycled paper 13.4 X 10.6 inches
Momo hut near Wireless, Guwahati Acrylic on handmade paper 11X 14 inchs
Impressions of Chhath (for better results please view this artwork from a distance) 11 X 14 inchs Acrylics on handmade paper
Back to painting again....... Mayong Noon 13.4 X 10.6 inches Watercolor
"In the forest of Fakim, Nagaland" 13.4 X 10.6 inches Watercolor
Paintings 2013
Tirtha Bharadwaj
Freelance Artist, Illustrator Guwahati, India