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Inkprints & Emages - Media Over Mind - Inkprints & Emages was a doctor's lifestyle magazine publisher. It dealt with media.
Just Imagine N Xpress Design - JINXD - A design studio that worked predominantly on print design.
Crimson - The Color Of An Idea - A advertising agency that dealt mostly with Pharmaceutical work.
NCG - A consultancy firm that used technology and process as the foundation of their business. This company dealt mostly in the financial market.
Analytcs - A sub brand of a larger group that dealt with financial market analysis, and consulting.
Christian Carollo Photography - A photographer's logo designed by keeping the human eye, lens (human and camera). A simple concept that used both the 'C's of Christian Carollo.
Adhya Productions - A media / events company that wanted Peacock as their symbol.
Dexter Sports Science - A sports medicine company, that wanted to convey we use natural resources for sports medicine and are a research center.
Morquez Technologies - A recruitment and software company. They wanted to have M as their logo and yet show they deal with people.
Open Web Id - The brief was to have a modern logo showing communication all over the globe.
Vitality Creative - The brief was the have a very modern looking logo and show that they deal with software and it related solutions and services.
Freelance, Moonlighting
Sachin Ghodke
Creative Director, UX (Principal) Mumbai, India