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Lil Cartoon Strip Done On Heart Shaped Paper
Ah! A Blissful Day In The Park. - The Carefree Soko Is Running After A Butterfly.
And Precious Koko Is Happily Skipping To Her Heart's Fill.

That's When He Sees Her - And *!!BAM!!* Time Stood Still For Him. But She Didn't. She Was Lost In Her Own.
Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp!!! - Flowers! But Koko Again Fails To Notice Him.
And He Is Left All By Himself.
Suddenly ..... - The Fateful Lil Butterfly Brings Her Back Chasing It. And They Both Bump Into Each Other.
She Accepts His Flowers. He Gets On His Knees. She Can't Help But Smile.
The Whole World Of Soko Crashes Around Him - When She Offers Her Heart.
His Perfect Girl Could Never Love As Much As He Wanted Her To.
Heart Broken, Dismayed & With A Shaken Belief . - Soko Silently Walks Out Of Her Life
And She Never Understood Why.
The Story Of Soko & Koko [Comics]
Sephin Alexander
Freelance Artist [Animation, Digital Painting Delhi, India