DAINESE D-EXPLORER GTX: Adventure Jacket & Trousers (as modelled by Valentino Rossi) This is one of the more recent outfits that I have designed. It represents a progressive evolution of the previous 'Teren' Jacket/Concept that I had designed in 2012 and the 'D-Stormer' model I had designed in 2013. My primary objective was to enhance the usability of the existing solution & further enhance the ventilation system without compromising the pocket/storage capacity . The final design integrates a modular ventilation system which features a completely removable back panel (which can be stored within the lining of the jacket) making it one of the most versatile in the market.
DAINESE CARVE MASTER GORE-TEX JACKET ( as modelled by Nicky Hayden ): I created this jacket as a response to the evolving dynamic of the motorcycle, the ability to modify the engine mapping has created hyper-versatile motorcycles like the Ducati Multistrada; the Carve master was designed to reflect this, part sport, part touring, part adventure. Aesthetic> Inspired by Dainese's racing/sport image. Dynamic colour blocking/structure of the arms/shoulder protection is unmistakably Dainese. Function> Pocket layout/construction was inspired by our historic Paris>Dakar models. Varying pocket types are concentrated on the front for quick use. Comfort> Shorter than other touring jackets (sporting influence/use), touring inspired fit & details (e.g. padded collar/lining) ensure maximum comfort. Safety> Reflective inserts are integrated towards the top of the jacket (front/back) to ensure maximum visibility. Design (Boots/Gloves): I designed these in previous collections.
DAINESE CONCORDE GORE-TEX JACKET ( as modelled by Guy Martin ): Designed for the city, this jacket was created to define our identity within this category. During the design phase, a large amount of time was spent experimenting with ways to subtly integrate styling cues taken from our racing>touring segments, enabling us to create a cohesive brand identity between categories. The final design integrated several design features that improved the overall safety/comfort/use of the product (reflectivity/innovative Dainese 'Pro Shape' protectors/regulation/drainage ports/studied internal lining/pocket constructions/detail & finish); making it perfect for inner city commuting. Design (Gloves): I had designed these in a previous collection.
DAINESE - Products ( Designer: 2007 > to date )

A small insight into some Products that I have designed over the years here at Dainese.

David Sheridan
Senior Product Designer - Design, Development, Innovation Bassano del Grappa, Italy