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Control; Anxiety Pendants

Control is a collection of 4 pendants which help individuals control their anxiety
attacks and emotions at their own comfort. This collection is small and portable,
types of products that will not be visible to the naked eye as, it is supposed to be
camouflaged and be ready of use when the user needs it.
The main feature of this collection is that over time the products will erode just
like how erasers reduce in size as time goes by - only the metal parts will be left
behind will be represented as totems. They will motivate people to take care of
themselves and over time they will understand how to take care of their emotions
during anxiety attacks.
I am interested in helping people who have trouble controlling their emotions because
I am someone who faces anxiety attacks on a daily basis. It can be caused
by small events or even by incidents which are not expected.

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Shruti Gunupuru
Industrial Designer Chicago, IL