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Spy Optic Brand Watch - 1 - Cover page for my Spy Optic Branding project.

The goal of this project was to examine a well established brand, and develop a product in an area they have yet to explore, using the brand's styling. I chose Spy Optic for their stylish and well defined image. A watch seemed like a natural choice, as another form of functional, wearable fashion accessory.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - 2 - I started by analyzing the Spy brand, defining the distinct characteristic of their styling.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - - With my ideation, I tried to recreate the feeling of Retro-Futuristic styling.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - - Continued ideation, trying to work in more references to the Spy brand.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - 5 - Ideation getting closer to the final design.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - 6 - The watch band is polyurethane, with OLED display just underneath the surface, Similar to the Nike Amp+. Color variations would also be available.
Spy Optic Brand Watch - 7 - The final page of my Spy Optic watch branding project. The watch closes by a double clasp mechanism. The spy logo is a button, as well as the two side buttons illustrated on the previous page.
Spy Optic Watch