طلياوي (يثق في انه قد نشرت له اعمال عديدة في دوريات هامة و لكنه) استيقظ ليجد بجانبه كراسة تحمل اسمه، و تخبره عن شيء كان لديه يدعى الذاكرة. لا يتذكر ما هي. و من ثم ليست لديه سابقة اعمال الا السطور السابقة. اما الباقي، فقد سقط ضمن اوراق الشجر الذي سقط الخريف الماضي. و احترق مع الكتب التي اضرمت فيها النيران. و دفن ضمن النفايات التي اختلطت بالاجسام. لعلنا اليوم نتنفسه. اهتمامات: المجال العام، الاسكان الاجتماعي، الحق في المدينة، تنمية المجتمع Taliawi (who believes he has been widely published in various important periodicals) has awaken to find beside him a notebook with his name over it, telling him about something that he had called Memory. He cannot recall what it is. And hence, does not have a relevant bio other than the previous lines. The rest, has fallen among the fallen leaves of a tree in the fall; burnt with the books that have been set to fire; buried with the waste that has mixed with bodies. May we now be breathing them. Key Interests: Public Space, Social Housing, Right to the City, Community Development


- Honourable Mention - 5th Rank for the Renovation of Saqia Cultural Center; Annual Design Competition, Dept. of Architecture, Cairo University - The Helwan University Distinguished Activity Award for Community Service and Environmental Development


AIESEC, L'esprit Nouveau, Tahrir Square

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