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Ultrasound for Non Traditional Users - Medical practitioners (like anesthesiologists), who only need ultrasound for one very specific task, are put-off by the complexity of today's ultrasound devices, and are unwilling to invest in the cost and training required to adopt ultrasound into their procedures. To remove this barrier to market, we developed a solution that would enable novice users to quickly become proficient with the device without having to know everything about ultrasound.
Sonosite S-Series Ultrasound - We succeeded in creating a simple and non-intimidating device that has just the right level of usability - it provides specific task-based controls without unnecessary functions. S-Series is a device physicians can start using with very little experience or training. A UI architecture using soft keys creates a seamless and sealed surface for easy cleaning in varied environments, and can be easily customized and optimized to meet future requirements.
Ultrasound Where You Need It. - S-Series provides ultrasound when and where you need it. For instance, in an operating room, having an S-Series in the room eliminates the need to transfer a patient to an imaging department. For ICU or Emergency Medicine, it allows physicians to quickly look inside the patient's body to see if a patient has basic cardiac function, or if a trauma patient has internal bleeding.
Sonosite S-Series Ultrasound
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Sonosite S-Series

2008 IDEA Award, Bronze
2008 IF Award

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Tim Hulford
Creative Director San Francisco, CA