Dust Buff: Wildfire PPE Mitigation

As the result of climate change, wildfires are becoming more common across the world. The last few summers in Alberta have been met with low air advisories and the unfortunate reality is that workers will need to be prepared with PPE if they are required to remain outdoors. After interviewing OH&S at a geomatics company and reviewing their policy & risk management we realized that there was a negative workplace culture around wearing PPE as it was disposable and cheap, and that it was difficult to get PPE to workers on-site.

My partner and I prototyped a dust mask that a worker could feel proud about. Our Dust Buff would combine the brand loyalty of a Buff mask the practicality of a dust mask. The filters are changeable and there would be a variety of styles available. This would allow the user to feel proud about their mask, much like a pair of Blundstones or a Nalgene water bottle. Also, having the mask with your gear would equip you for any emergency.

Freelance, Full-time
Travis Erickson
Freelance Industrial Designer & Illustrator Edmonton, AB