Snap Solar Shade

This collaborative project required my group to conduct a trend analysis on a popular company; We chose IKEA based off of their long term goals and transparency. Something we noticed that was missing from their North American market was solar power powered products, despite them selling entire solar panels in Europe. We asked ourselves, why?

After researching their transparency reports and delving into their brand identity, we decided to create a "gateway" solar product that would entice the average shopper to try a solar product.

I was primarily responsible for 3D modelling the solar panels, rendering the lamps, and creating mockups of our product in an IKEA catalogue.

We chose sustainable materials including cork, aluminium, and recycled HDPE (milk cartons). Our goal was to start a conversation about solar energy that would entice the consumer to try a low-risk intervention.

#sustainability #industrialdesign #productdesign

Freelance, Full-time
Travis Erickson
Freelance Industrial Designer & Illustrator Edmonton, AB