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Design, engineer, and produce a line of biometric cameras for a client.
Hand mounted computer display & controls. Role: Concept Designer
IBM T-565 Adjustable LCD, 2001 - Role: Design Team Member
Lottery Terminal for EU/US Market, 2006
Astronaut Don Pettit invented a 0g cup on STS-126. My design adds comfortable & familiarity to his concept. 2009
Britannia Wind Turbine, Exterior Design, 2009
Entry for Core77's 1HRD Series. Speaker concept produced in one hour. 2008.
Internet Appliance for the Home, 2001. Designed w/ Julie Tierney
Life Drawing. 2010-13
Personal Exploration, 2012
Lunar Wet Bath Conceptual Studies, 2008
Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, & John Young review our Altair lander design mockup, 2008
Lunar Rover External Storage, HF Testing, 2008
Design / Engineering & Production Mgmt. of 50 Working Cast Mg Devices. 2007.
IBM / Altec Lansing Speakers. 2001
IBM Wireless Media Player & Storage, 2003
Internet Appliance on Mini-Radial Arm, 2001. Designed w/ Julie Tierney
IBM Point-of-Sale Modular PC Concept, 2003
Redesign iconic Weller soldering iron, respecting brand identity, 2003
Modular PC Tablet, 2005
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Travis Baldwin
Industrial Designer Bristol, United Kingdom