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Spec | Spices

Gourmina, one of the largest spice producers and suppliers in the Republic of Belarus, has launched a new line of seasonings in the economy segment. It was necessary to distinguish the brand on the shelf, which was saturated with competitors, while maintaining its connection with the product and price categories.

The short and sounding nymph "Spets" attracts attention with a precise combination of the necessary associations: it is both a designation of the category "spices" and the assurance of the manufacturer's expertise.

The monochrome illustrations, as if created with the help of a stencil of spices, became the visual style forming element. Stylized as Kraft, they convey the idea of attentive and careful manufacturer, who personally controls the quality of goods. The sense of handmadeness is enhanced by the tactile effect - the contrast of matt lacquer and glossy elements.

Branding Agency: AVC

Kirill Viazmikin
Branding | Identity | Package design | Art Direction Minsk, Belarus