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Hello my name is Wyatt, I've been interested in cars as far back as I can remember. Learning to draw from my family at a young age. I quickly got interested in technical drawing like drafting and such. Over time I enjoyed all levels of art that I get myself involved in. Its a must for me to have a good hobby. Sometimes guitar or comic book art, but my mind is always on the subject of car design. During my school years I learned how to draw/illustrate using many mediums. I prefer the basic pencil and paper. But around 2000-2001, I started playing around with Nurbs in Rhino3d. Trying many techniques to create the surfaces I wanted took many years to understand how the tools worked in Rhino, completely self taught with the aid of a few online friends I found I was getting the shapes that I wanted. Always learning and trying new things is the most important to me, it keeps me interested in what I'm doing. That's the basic for now. Cheers!

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