TEKKIX was born from the simple idea of shoes for your phone.

TEKKIX is a fashion brand for your electronic gadgets. Our designs apply the same great materials, manufacturing processes and culture of sneakers to create a new type of phone case. Integrating a variety of leathers, textiles and synthetics stitched together with a protective rubber outsole, we have created a strong brand identity able to appeal to a broad audience. The cases are as rugged as a hiking boot, as sleek as a stiletto or as sporty as a running shoe.

TEKKIX was a personal entrepreneurial venture to bring these products to market and build a fresh new brand for mobile accessories. After designing several cases and the brand identity, I teamed up with manufacturing and business partners to build prototypes and pursue licensing with various footwear manufacturers. Unfortunately, we never got off the ground, but it was a fun project and great learning experience.

Freelance, Full-time
Dan Winger
LEGO Future Lab - Design & Innovation Los Angeles, CA